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Life or Choice – What Is Better?

Induced abortion has been practiced since ancient times and throughout the whole history it has never been completely supported or disproved. With the introduction of democratic governments, people began to fight for their rights even more than they had before, and this brought about the problem of the right to live of each and every person and whether people can deprive an unborn child of this right at their will. The issue is still one of the most topical ones and the modern society has subdivided into so-called pro-life and pro-choice groups.

Those who support the right of a woman to choose whether to give a life to her baby or not, call themselves pro-choice activists, and argue that a woman has reproductive rights, which shouldn’t be violated. The pro-life group claims that an abortion is equal to murder, as a fetus is also a human being and this procedure will lead to its death. Both positions can be understood, of course. But which one to support is the choice of every person, and, what is more important, of every woman.

She can decide that she is too young/immature/not ready/etc. to have this baby, and she will put an end to this life. But what will she get in result? She will most probably have problems with health; maybe she will not even be able to bear a child anymore. And what about her inner state and feelings? As for me, I wouldn’t ever forgive myself for such an action. Who am I to decide whether this life should be launched or not? I don’t think that I have such an authority to decide. If we are given the gift to bring a new life in this world, we should perceive it as the best opportunity in our lives, but not as a hard burden. That’s what we live for and that’s how it should be.