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“I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”

Personal assumptions and predispositions about the stalwart Romantic poet, William Wordsworth went on to be further substantiated. When one thinks of Wordsworth, his apotheosis of beauty and euphoria about the world encompasses one’s thought. The poem, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” goes on to portray the indomitable zeal of the eminent poet when it comes to admiration of the natural beauty of the world around. The poem can very well be deemed as a perfect example of the Romantic ideal as it penetrates through the mind of the reader with its charm and exuberance. The assumption that the poet in context brings out the very best of the natural world with all its essence proved to be absolutely true after the poem was read.

There was a predisposition that William Wordsworth leaves a mark in the minds of the avid readers with his idiosyncratic writing style in the poems. Indeed, the poem goes on to portray the charming vocabulary of the literary artist that leaves the mind stirred at the unparalleled beauty and the worth of the experience of watching the daffodils. (Wordsworth 1) Moreover, the rhyme scheme of the poem in context goes on to accentuate the affective charm. It was assumed that the works of the poet have something to do with the experience of life. Indeed, while reading the last stanza of this poem, one can comprehend the pricelessness of the experience of having seen the exquisite daffodils.

The poet shows how a commonplace experience of youth can be cherished even at a later stage of life. As a Romantic poet, William Wordsworth leaves one enthralled with the perfect expression of beauty and life in this contextual poem. One gets to understand that drinking the true elixir of life needs an individual to imbibe happiness from various experiences that might otherwise go unnoticed. The assumption that Wordsworth’s poems brim with positivity and idealism got substantiated after reading the poem, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.”