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Essay on Drugs

Describe the consequences of drug taking

While somebody argues that the years of evolution have worked in our favor, making us the smartest creatures living, it still remains a wonder how a human, being with such an indefinite mind potential, can so easily step on the road of self-destruction brought about by drug taking.

The absolute majority of mature people understand that there is nothing good to expect from taking drugs. And yet, millions of people have lost their lives to it. Whether they are trying to fill in some emotional gap, quench their thirst for unusual experiences or get away from their thoughts, feelings, certain life difficulties, find consolation in self-oblivion – the reasons may be numerous, but the outcome is always the same. And it is never what they were initially looking for.

Instead of filling the emotional gap, people, who abuse drugs, only augment it, putting themselves in the abyss of misery and despair. Those are looking for unique, bright experiences; eventually find themselves feeling nothing but apathy towards any manifestations of life and nothing but aloofness towards people. Those looking for self-oblivion, instead, become slaves to their thoughts, fears and everything they were so desperately trying to escape from. Drug taking kills that heavenly beam of life in a person’s soul; it irrevocably extinguishes a lively sparkle in one’s eyes, turning those who were once people with certain aspirations, ambitions, desires and passions into lifeless objects, that bit by bit fade away until there is left nothing of them, but a distant memory in the hearts of their beloved ones.

And so, what seems to be a road to paradise leads those abusing drugs to infernal suffering, which only few have strength to endure and overcome.